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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

Art of Self-Defense  2013-14

Drypoint on watercolor, brace grommets, ink on a copper sword, leather sleeve, and a stack of paper cutters / size 37.5 x 26.7 cm (Each) Installation size variable 


Two unique suites of 19 prints were produced from this performance: A Unique edition in Artist-made clamshell and AP only. 


Art of Self-Defense project studies the methodology and metaphor of simple scratching and removing gesture. In this project, drypoint and scraping on a copper sword, archaic methods for creating replicas, are utilized as an indelible documentation tool for public sexual harassment and ephemeral emotions; aggression, anger, and fear towards the violence.  To disclose a complex sequence of recorded languages and repetitive trials of obliterating the marks, one single matrix, a copper sword, was employed in this project, and it has been carried with me to record the prompt reaction to the public harassments, as known as 'catcall.' 


The aggressive gesture of marking combined with its imprint's susceptibility alludes to chronic traumas caused by verbal violence.

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 14.29.17.png

Individual AP prints available to purchase to support:

<We Stand Together to Stop AAPI Hate: A Fundraising Exhibition Against AAPI Hate, Prejudice, and Violence>

March 26 - April 23, 2021 (click)

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