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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©


Remainder; Us for never forever for the first and the last month

This will go so fast. This won't last long. 

How could an individual masterfully dwells 
on/in a place that never belongs to them. 

The smells of our foreignness clogged the tub, 
disgu(sting)ising apathy sneaks in like a snake. 

Hundred years of fury repeatedly scratches 
the fuscous hardwood floor -- with its sanity, lack of leeway; 
one deposits hatred under furzy estuary. 
The interest never gets back to you. 

She is not guaranteed. 
Nor the citizen. 
Dogs are not allowed, a cat is fine. 
A renovated gut. A kitchen mint.
How does her shower cause the dews on his ceiling. 

The seven hundred years spirit freely comes and goes, 
as if the door nob is loose and broken; the denial of landlady. 
Nevertheless, this is how far I can close. 

If you haven't knocked anybody's any door for years, 
I admire you; you have been masterfully vanished 
from the vanity -- the sink detaches itself, the leakage is inevitable; 
sobbing drain, tarnished copper pipes. 
The high groaning of a plumber leans on the back of a startled cat. 

When the underground garden blooms, she has to go. 

Us for never forever for the first and the last month.




J. Aatchim


Remainder; Us for never forever for the first and the last month was a curatorial/pop-up project that I planned and executed with the great support of Yi Xin Tong (Artist) in my EX-apartment before my lease was forcefully terminated due to gentrification-renovation. My landlord's short notice was illegal, but I did not have the will to claim my legal 'right' due to my immigration status as a post-foreign student (OPT, anyone?) and my cowardice & fear. So instead of disputing it, I chose to overcome the unfairness by celebrating the last few days of the charming hundred-year-old apt with the ghosty remainders. 9 NYC-based Artists participated in the exhibition, and we had an unexpectedly significant number of visitors celebrate the tearful Finale of the apartment. 

Opening reception: Friday June 26, 6-9pm
410 State St., #28
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Mary Corman
Diana Drake
Camila Guerrero 
Alex Jovanovich 
Joeun Aatchim
Gerald Pryor
Tyson Robertson
Nora Rodriguez
Yi Xin Tong





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