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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

artist books 

I will Bring You a Flower,

I will Bring You a Vase, 2014

Four of Mattresses Stacked on Misery, 2017

eye jailed eye, 2019

Currently unavailable to purchase but please do inquire, I often send .pdf of selected writings, and sometimes have extra hard copies. xx


In Praise of Cry Breaks 

눈물 휴식 예찬 

more info TBA

Four of Mattresses Stacked on Misery 2017 has a life of its own; I did not mean to mystify it, although I tried to kill/fossilize it once. This book has never been available for traditional means of purchase. The exhibition copy has been traveling with my artworks as it is a master plan for past and future works. It has a unique path for distribution; it has been conditionally available by gift and trade only so far to those I believe in their intention, intelligence, and intuition. (it was to sabotage my future self from eliminating this book, as now this book is protected by those who own it) The tradable items could be — your voice, or artworks upon both parties satisfaction of the exchange. The voices are collected for the audiobook version I've been working on since 2017. 

If you're interested in future availability, or its whereabouts, love to keep you posted. 

yours, joeun  


I seldom feel blue


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