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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

Draft; Sans Self, 2016


The installation  Draft: Sans Self  was installed and viewed in a part of a three Person Exhibition Contemplation, 2016 

at DOOSAN Gallery, NY, USA.


In Draft: Sans Self,  the artist creates a visual form of writing, borrowed from the literary diction in Essayism, by crafting “coincidences.”

In this installation, which is a part of the  <Dear무(无)질(质)> project, parallelizes a scene depicting a man preparing to go fishing from Robert Musil’s “Fishermen on the Baltic” with a scene of an artist-created character writing a novel. Avoiding the translation of multiplicity into a linear narrative thread, the artist is rather attentive to the details of the anecdotes, each of which is whimsically installed as a language of publishing such as draft , proof, and illustration. Each draft and anecdotes are on a linear ticket rack installation allows the viewer to explore the ubiquitous asthetic of a never-ending manuscript/draft. 


DOOSAN Gallery press


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