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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

Your Poetry Reader, 2014-15



Your Poetry Reader projects bridges foreigners' voice and post-digital persona in unstable language construction; foreigners’ misspelled English and computer-voice's robotic pronunciation and rhythm are resembled in their straightforwardness and awkwardness, no matter how much they try to appeal as ‘the natives.’ Automatism of improvised allegories/poems and digital persona are also alike in their manifest content. When the erasing the ‘typos’ or ‘unwanted’ sentences are not an option, such is writing with a typewriter, the one-sitting-writer finds a perfect excuse with an ultimate freedom to write stories with one’s candid thought-flow without filtering; when have we had this ‘types’ of thrills since we’ve reached to the era of ‘tweet’ and ‘timeline statues’ with fears of instant public judgement or censorship?


J. Aatchim

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