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Dear 무(无)질(质);

Solace to a Fisherman, an Ex-soldier and Scientist, Seducer and Skeptic Without Qualities, On the Baltic. 2015

Work in progress... 

Nene Viskovitz:   


                          “I knew the day would come, but that was too soon. When I saw… them (sigh) in an airtight container, wrapped in a plastic bag, and left under the sink, my blood—I meant my slime—was drying out with fury. What were they doing there? Why did J have them there? For fishing or what? I don’t buy that. I just couldn’t believe J brought the bunch of shitheads into our sacred colony. The earthworms are nasty as hell; they are not elegant. But knowing J, I believed she wouldn’t be able to ever even touch them. Fishing is a myth for her.” 

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