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 A Passionate "Female" Poet Who Committed Suicide with a Broken Heart, Her Real Life Remains in Haze... Highlighted as a Victory of Love by Alphonse Daudet (Slow Rise) 2018 


Commissioned site-specific installation, presented as a part of Common Aliens: Whispers that Got Away 

at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montréal, curated by Atelier Céladon


This was also called,   "Dead Letter Office

More info can be found at SBC Galerie d'art Contemporain 


Warm thanks to Hera Chan, Kate Whiteway, Thy Anne Chu Quang, Yen-Chao Lin (aka Atelier Céladon), Chris Lloyd and Pip Day.



 Paul Litherland 

The Letter - Kim Kwang Jin

"Mail me your parcels. I will arrange them accordingly in the Dead Letter Office. We—the Common Aliens—will keep them company. Your parcels will be displayed beginning April 6, and ultimately find pause in a time capsule to be sealed on June 2, 2018."

ATTN: Dead Letter Office

SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art
372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest #507
Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), QC H3B 1A2

From Atelier Céladon 

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