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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

Souvenirs  2014



       Color blinds. "Souvenirs" provokes awareness of the forgotten wartime violations that occurred during WWII. After finding some “beautifully hand-colored” souvenir postcards from the colonial era while traveling through Insadong, a reasonably popular tourist town in Korea, I started investigating the darker currents embedded within the deceptive beauty of these seemingly banal, “antique,” commoditized images. These pictures revealed the cruelty of wartime crimes, like the Comfort Stations--military brothels that systemically drafted girls from the colonies who were under the rule of the Imperial Japanese Army during the war. The history of the Comfort Stations continues to be neglected despite the tireless efforts of the victims to reveal the truth.


      By altering these images, I hope to bring up a variety of uneasy tensions within these “lovely,” hand-pigmented visual commodities, and to make an indelible record of these abuses by pairing these images with personal testimonies from women who survived sexual slavery during wartime. I want the viewer to consider the fallibility of the historical archive, which often leads to the denial of historic truth.






My solo exhibition of this site-specific installation piece was on view from March 20th to April 30th, 2014 at 80WSE Gallery’s satellite space, a series of five street-level windows located at the corner of Broadway and East 10th Street. 

Exhibition View from Broadway (Manhattan, NY)

(left)  Pigment and Adhesive, transferred on wall

(right)  Inkjet Print, Plexi-glass, Clear plastic gift-warp and tape on wood fiber board. Found Furniture Parts.   

Exhibition View from West 10th Street, (Manhattan, NY)

Stories of Lola Rosa, 2014


(top) Pigment and adhesive, transferred on wall 

(below) Softground etching and drypoint with spitbite aquatint on Chine-Colle. (23"x24" each, a series of five prints)


aatchim_rubber factory_'19.jpeg

Stories of Lola Rosa (Maria Rosa Henson), 2013-2014

Softground etching, spit-bite aquatint and drypoint on Chine-Collé, 25 1/2 × 24 3/4 in, 64.8 × 62.9 cm

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