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joeun kim aatchim 2021 ©

Talent Show | I Think We’re Compatible, 2019 

Performance composed by Ashley Grier /Text written by Joeun Kim AATCHIM

Composed and performed by Ashley Grier

Ashley Grier (vocalist, composer, performer, sound artist) interpreted “Talent Show” and “I Think We’re Compatible” – poems by Joeun Kim AATCHIM from her book “eye jailed eye” – setting the text “Talent show” as a musical composition for solo soprano and by facilitating “I Think We’re Compatible” – a composition consisting of communal chord building for soprano and audience. Both pieces were performed by Grier as a part of the exhibition organized by AATCHIM, "Microscopic Eyes Detective Minds by Café Anxiety Drawing Club International," at the Vacation Gallery, New York.

Many thanks to the audience who participated in, and my most sincere thanks to dearest Ashley. 

"Talent Show (a birthday piece)

Thinking back what my life is made of and it must be of marvelous talent shows.

Walking around taking souvenir photos with people who love the humble talents I show.

Each time I fell in love with men and women or the lovely ones in between of various degrees, t

hings alive, things unbreathing, and things of good sound and smell.

Each time we meet I try hard not to show my nightly thinking; my pervert diligence on collecting data

of each side of your face, blinking eyelids and moving limbs while we conversing, try not to reveal

my secret work ethic of how unlazy I am to rebuild all of my loves animating in my dreams each night.
They look real.

Each time my embarrassingly huge sum of love is tiresome. What a hopeless polygamy I am,

I thought to keep myself chained. Some of you only have seen me chained but this does not mean that I was not in love with you.
Or if not I will.

My true talent to boast must be an acting skill since you must have not noticed that I was in love with you

in our very apathetic encounters each time, especially on hallways.
Or have you?

It is my birthday and I say my usual thing again, sorry I don’t drink and it is to show
my love is real.

all yours,
(4.12.1989~ ?)

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